Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens – Land of the Tiger

Edge Concrete is excited to announce the February 2014 completion of: Land of the Tiger at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. This new exhibit is considered to be the Zoo’s most innovative exhibit to date. Land of the Tiger provides an immersive and interactive experience for guests to witness the different Asian animals including Asian small-clawed otters, Visayan warty and Babirusa pigs and two species of Hornbills. The centerpiece of this new addition are three Malayan and two Sumatran tigers that are free to roam through the area via an innovative trail system. Guests will have the ability to potentially see a tiger from almost anywhere in this one of a kind 2.5 acre exhibit.

Edge Concrete was contracted to perform all habitat exhibitory work over the course of an eight month duration. Our work included themed shotcrete pools, artificial rockwork, mud banks, and artificial trees including an immense strangler fig with elevated walkways as well as an artificial bamboo enclosure and artificial bamboo handrail system.  We also contracted to provide decorative themed flatwork. Fabrication of some artificial trees and all artificial bamboo was performed in Edge Concrete’s Kirkland shop.

Architect: PJA Architects, Seattle
GC/CM: Perry McCall Construction, Jacksonville FL

Denver Zoo – Toyota Elephant Passage

Edge Concrete completed the Denver Zoo – Toyota Elephant Passage in the spring of 2012. This ambitious project included five distinct natural habitats for Asian Elephants, Gibbon Monkeys, Indian Rhinos, Malayan Tapirs, Clouded Leopards as well as many more species inside the Asian Pavilion Building.  The project is LEED certified at the platinum level, making it the first zoo in the U.S. that has achieved platinum certification for an entire large animal exhibit complex.

Edge Concrete was contracted to perform all habitat exhibitory work, which included themed shotcrete habitat pools containing 1.1 million gallons of water, artificial rockwork, artificial trees & vines, artificial termite mound and artificial bamboo.  We also contracted to provide over 30,000 sf of decorative themed flatwork and bridge decks. Fabrication of the artificial trees, vines and bamboo was performed in Edge Concrete’s shop

Architect: CLR Architects, Pennsylvania
GC/CM: Kiewit Building Group, Colorado

Toledo Zoo – Nature’s Neighborhood

Nature’s Neighborhood is a wonderful addition to the Toledo Zoo. The project features a number of nature-themed activities for animals and children. Edge Concrete’s scope of work included the goat climbing wall, guinea pig burrows and aviary rockwork. In addition to the animal habitats, we constructed a limestone climbing wall, hollowed tree tunnel, rock burrow slide, interactive stream course and sand play area for the children. Our work completed in April 2009 and the project opened to the public in June.

Project Architect: West Carroll Architecture
Consulting Architect: Jones & Jones
Construction Manager: Bostleman Construction


Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve

Edge Concrete recently complete our work for the Interpretive Center at The Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve located in Mt. Vernon, WA. In the winter of 2009 we fabricated and installed the Island Rocky Shores Exhibit, 2 Cylinder Tanks for rotating exhibits and a Decorative Shellfish Model. Phase II of the project completed in Feb. 2011 with fabrication and installation of the Eel Grass Tunnel Tank and Bird Community.

Exhibit Designer/Construction Manager: BIOS, LLC.
General Contractor: Edge Concrete Construction